2011 Race Results

Group CategoryPlace (Group)NameBib NoAgePlace (Overall)TimePace
Overall Female Winner1Jacqueline Cheetam677331522:27.47:15/M
Overall Male Winner1Norman Emineth45216117:21.85:36/M
Female 10 and under1Hannah Gould66398932:47.910:35/M
Female 10 and under2Guiliana Melton602112638:54.212:33/M
Female 10 and under3Willow Milstein695814342:34.713:44/M
Female 10 and under4Mackenzie Wetzel435914642:58.013:52/M
Female 10 and under5Kacie Crawford7161015443:31.414:02/M
Female 10 and under6Mckenna Noldy459916747:28.315:19/M
Female 10 and under7Madison Gasch651916847:29.615:19/M
Female 10 and under8Karli Koskinen579517448:46.915:44/M
Female 10 and under9Morgan Koskinen581317649:12.415:52/M
Female 10 and under10Madison Gomez4331018350:27.316:16/M
Female 10 and under11Kayla Crawford7151018450:28.916:17/M
Female 10 and under12Rebecca Stokes446918650:50.316:24/M
Female 10 and under13Audrey Laitinen497420754:10.817:28/M
Female 10 and under14Lauren Obrien500223700:21.319:28/M
Female 10 and under15Valerie Obrien505123800:22.219:28/M
Female 10 and under16Mykala Novack520624100:26.419:30/M
Female 10 and under17Ellie Barrett531624600:31.919:31/M
Female 10 and under18Danielle Mogyoros7241024902:15.920:05/M
Female 10 and under19Helena Johnson509325405:15.421:03/M
Female 10 and under20Jillian Johnson656125505:16.321:03/M
Female 10 and under21Brynn Reaves711125605:28.321:07/M
Female 10 and under22Victoria McConeghy682826606:43.421:31/M
Male 10 and under1Eliot Traver45494326:14.38:28/M
Male 10 and under2Griffin Storr426104826:51.38:40/M
Male 10 and under3Justin Dykstra55695827:52.28:59/M
Male 10 and under4Dallas Torres42897429:37.09:33/M
Male 10 and under5Gavin Bartley522810534:28.711:07/M
Male 10 and under6Nicholas Siegert425911336:05.211:38/M
Male 10 and under7Tristan Lusardi427911436:05.611:38/M
Male 10 and under8Kole Dorer4241012137:45.012:11/M
Male 10 and under9Jakob Sime429912839:23.112:42/M
Male 10 and under10Christopher Diaz4611012939:34.112:46/M
Male 10 and under11Samual Roberts4221013039:47.312:50/M
Male 10 and under12Thomas Glyn423913341:01.513:14/M
Male 10 and under13Wyatt Wiljanen434914542:51.413:49/M
Male 10 and under14Austin Douse430914742:59.013:52/M
Male 10 and under15Andrew Malotky432914842:59.513:52/M
Male 10 and under16David Torres442516246:47.415:05/M
Male 10 and under17Tyler Obrien504716447:06.215:12/M
Male 10 and under18Jacob Stokes447718550:49.816:24/M
Male 10 and under19Logan Rodriguez690819652:26.516:55/M
Male 10 and under20Will Nakfoor700521154:13.417:29/M
Male 10 and under21Landen Bartley524522657:41.818:36/M
Male 10 and under22Colton Prill6881023058:09.218:45/M
Male 10 and under23Brady Dunne670825905:33.821:09/M
Male 10 and under24Nathan McConeghy421926706:44.121:32/M
Female 11 to 141Emily Walter465123324:29.17:54/M
Female 11 to 142Jaci Howell6651210334:06.811:00/M
Female 11 to 143Samantha Talley5841115644:04.514:13/M
Female 11 to 144Savannah Obrien5021116347:05.015:11/M
Female 11 to 145Olivia Rodriguez6911219752:38.816:59/M
Female 11 to 146Rebecca Tanner4791222557:33.518:34/M
Male 11 to 141Samual Traver45614519:44.46:22/M
Male 11 to 142Zachary Yarger68712821:19.56:53/M
Male 11 to 143Sam Corbin660123524:53.48:02/M
Male 11 to 144Marcus Traver455133625:17.88:09/M
Male 11 to 145Garrett Moeggenborg490126328:08.39:05/M
Male 11 to 146John Tyler Dykstra555139533:01.810:39/M
Male 11 to 147Jacob Karr7071111636:22.511:44/M
Male 11 to 148Cameron Nakfoor6991120954:11.717:29/M
Female 15 to 191Paige Groom654162924:13.67:49/M
Female 15 to 192Lauren Coffman451163024:14.07:49/M
Female 15 to 193Amy Allen409187830:14.69:45/M
Female 15 to 194Cecilia Corbin725158030:16.89:46/M
Female 15 to 195Andrea Heikkinen485198430:56.39:59/M
Female 15 to 196Beth McEldowney712158631:53.010:17/M
Female 15 to 197Tashina Emery493189232:56.810:37/M
Female 15 to 198Alicia Polly6801613641:09.013:16/M
Female 15 to 199Tyler Hosking5881820153:10.517:09/M
Female 15 to 1910Chelsey Robinson6091720654:10.517:28/M
Male 15 to 191Kyle Hardy46018419:42.36:21/M
Male 15 to 192Matt Miller642151422:20.57:12/M
Male 15 to 193Andrew Karttunen450181622:43.57:20/M
Male 15 to 194John Kemp653162724:08.57:47/M
Male 15 to 195Valerie MacKrain475199433:01.510:39/M
Male 15 to 196Eric Mogyoros7231525103:59.320:38/M
Female 20 to 241Courtney Dewley405244526:24.68:31/M
Female 20 to 252Mariah Wielgos515207028:44.69:16/M
Female 20 to 263Ashley Sims5642415543:47.914:07/M
Female 20 to 274Abby Johnson5602321956:21.418:11/M
Male 20 to 241Anthony Klingler51423217:31.65:39/M
Male 20 to 242Beau Johnson48421921:44.57:01/M
Male 20 to 243Jared Helminen474229333:01.010:39/M
Male 20 to 244Brandon Johnson6752218050:04.216:09/M
Male 20 to 245Jeff Sfiligoj6712422457:11.118:27/M
Female 25 to 291Cheryne Lapointe492262123:41.67:38/M
Female 25 to 292Jenna Sawdy538273424:32.57:55/M
Female 25 to 293Lindsey Johnson617265527:49.18:58/M
Female 25 to 294Lizzie Mills513276928:40.09:15/M
Female 25 to 295Bethany Zeuch552277630:07.59:43/M
Female 25 to 296Erin Saotome5982712238:06.012:17/M
Female 25 to 297Christine Blevins5962613139:48.012:50/M
Female 25 to 298Meagan Smith5462517348:18.015:35/M
Female 25 to 299Julia Crowley7142817849:42.816:02/M
Female 25 to 2910Danielle Curns7102717949:44.316:03/M
Female 25 to 2911Cyndi Hudson5762718750:50.916:24/M
Female 25 to 2912Nicole Hardman6132722758:00.218:43/M
Female 25 to 2913Courtney Childs4722626506:13.021:22/M
Male 25 to 291Frederick Schaard604271923:01.17:25/M
Male 25 to 292Scott Koskinen507272523:51.07:42/M
Male 25 to 293Andrew Ordiway496296228:06.29:04/M
Male 25 to 294Andrew Foster443288330:53.99:58/M
Male 25 to 295Nick Reaves4822715343:31.014:02/M
Male 25 to 296Mark Koskinen5802917548:47.415:44/M
Male 25 to 297Brian Hardman6122922357:03.518:24/M
Female 30 to 341Lisa Joppie518303224:23.37:52/M
Female 30 to 342Jessica Karr572305627:50.88:59/M
Female 30 to 343Alain David403348130:32.19:51/M
Female 30 to 344Sarah O'Dowd631318732:16.910:25/M
Female 30 to 345Jamie Shank464308832:38.610:32/M
Female 30 to 346Anna Kaschner704319633:04.910:40/M
Female 30 to 347Christy Kloack6463210834:46.811:13/M
Female 30 to 348Laura Overholt5913410935:05.711:19/M
Female 30 to 349Christy Barnhart5423312438:42.512:29/M
Female 30 to 3410Janelle Petee5863113441:05.113:15/M
Female 30 to 3411Alesha Caselli6323214442:50.213:49/M
Female 30 to 3412Mandy Barton5953215143:25.814:00/M
Female 30 to 3413Amy Campbel5393415844:29.814:21/M
Female 30 to 3414Trudi Koskinen5823417749:40.116:01/M
Female 30 to 3415Heather Boyce7053019051:33.716:38/M
Female 30 to 3416Mandy Parsons6183419252:11.716:50/M
Female 30 to 3417Melina Vanconant6203319352:12.116:50/M
Female 30 to 3418Tiffany Rodriguez6893019952:59.817:05/M
Female 30 to 3419Shelly Reimbold7133022256:32.218:14/M
Female 30 to 3420Amanda Carr6383423559:26.219:10/M
Female 30 to 3421Heide Novack5193324200:27.819:30/M
Female 30 to 3422Tara Obrien5033224400:29.019:31/M
Female 30 to 3423Jennifer Barrett5323424500:29.619:31/M
Female 30 to 3424Nicole Reaves6153325805:33.321:09/M
Male 30 to 341Neal Johnson512331021:49.77:02/M
Male 30 to 342Shane Davis517332824:11.87:48/M
Male 30 to 343Zachary Medler574333124:19.77:51/M
Male 30 to 344Neil Taylor469304226:14.08:28/M
Male 30 to 345Christopher O'Dowd630336128:04.69:03/M
Male 30 to 346Hideki Saotome599317730:08.19:43/M
Male 30 to 347Mark Kubacki4713411936:44.811:51/M
Male 30 to 348Christopher Melton6013312739:08.712:37/M
Female 35 to 391Kathy Putnam476393725:25.68:12/M
Female 35 to 392Heather Lezan547364025:49.98:20/M
Female 35 to 393Kris Dykstra557395027:14.28:47/M
Female 35 to 394Lyndee Hiller553385327:42.18:56/M
Female 35 to 395Kimberly Morrison685365927:54.09:00/M
Female 35 to 396Jennifer Holton575369132:55.110:37/M
Female 35 to 397Melissa Johnson488399833:28.410:48/M
Female 35 to 398Roberta Jondreau5903910734:34.111:09/M
Female 35 to 399Shanell Henry4983711035:15.011:22/M
Female 35 to 3910April Polly6793712338:41.012:29/M
Female 35 to 3911Jnifer McCracken5873913240:09.212:57/M
Female 35 to 3912Kim Pickard6443914041:58.213:32/M
Female 35 to 3913Elana Waugh4173714943:01.813:53/M
Female 35 to 3914Lakesia Wilburn4913515043:12.013:56/M
Female 35 to 3915Shannon Torres4403716547:15.915:15/M
Female 35 to 3916Tanya Stokes4453818951:16.616:32/M
Female 35 to 3917Heather White5283719452:19.016:53/M
Female 35 to 3918Carrie Jennings-Davis5273919552:26.016:55/M
Female 35 to 3919Kellyce Kelley6433620053:05.217:07/M
Female 35 to 3920Jackie Nakfoor6983921054:12.917:29/M
Female 35 to 3921Loretta Rodriguez6923621656:00.818:04/M
Female 35 to 3922Angela Oberlin5443722858:00.618:43/M
Female 35 to 3923Anne Ebert5413522958:01.118:43/M
Female 35 to 3924Teresa Bartley5253823158:10.018:46/M
Female 35 to 3925Jennifer McClymont4143823600:13.819:25/M
Female 35 to 3926Melissa Bever4773824700:32.519:32/M
Female 35 to 3927Mischelle Prill4783924801:24.219:48/M
Female 35 to 3928Jennifer Mogyoros7213825003:07.620:22/M
Female 35 to 3929Holly Dunne6693726005:34.721:09/M
Female 35 to 3930Monika Johnson5113626205:42.121:12/M
Male 35 to 391Grant Woodman56537317:59.95:48/M
Male 35 to 392Jake Dunne668361222:01.27:06/M
Male 35 to 393Kevin Lezan548381822:51.27:22/M
Male 35 to 394Curt Nurenberg470385727:51.98:59/M
Male 35 to 395Jeremy Torres441377529:37.69:33/M
Male 35 to 396Jamie Bartley5233810434:07.111:00/M
Male 35 to 397Todd Parsons6193611736:39.111:49/M
Male 35 to 398Ryan Bebeau4833711836:39.511:49/M
Male 35 to 399Tom Talley5853913541:06.213:15/M
Male 35 to 3910Dominic Caselli6333914142:15.713:38/M
Male 35 to 3911Mark Reaves6143615243:29.014:02/M
Male 35 to 3912Louis Long6103816145:46.814:46/M
Male 35 to 3913Michael Obrien5013723900:23.019:29/M
Male 35 to 3914Mark Novack5213624000:25.819:29/M
Female 40 to 441Dodi Smith487402423:48.07:41/M
Female 40 to 442Valerie Martinez634416027:55.39:00/M
Female 40 to 443Aungelica Boshea499419733:28.210:48/M
Female 40 to 444Suzy Howell6664310234:06.011:00/M
Female 40 to 445Sheila Osterman5894310634:29.511:07/M
Female 40 to 446Amy Gill5944211135:59.111:36/M
Female 40 to 447Kim Siegert6734211536:16.611:42/M
Female 40 to 448Mary Verlinde6674312037:23.712:04/M
Female 40 to 449Teresa Walter4664413741:16.813:19/M
Female 40 to 4410Susan Corbin6614013841:22.513:21/M
Female 40 to 4411Bridget Watts6974415945:17.514:36/M
Female 40 to 4412Carrie Gasch6504116947:30.215:19/M
Female 40 to 4413Lisa Wetzel4374117047:32.915:20/M
Female 40 to 4414Susan Crawford7174118850:51.216:24/M
Female 40 to 4415Tracy Ordiway6084220854:11.217:29/M
Female 40 to 4416Robin Smith6524421254:19.317:31/M
Female 40 to 4417Anegla Bouler5714021354:30.317:35/M
Female 40 to 4418Cyndi Johnson6764221455:49.018:00/M
Female 40 to 4419Dawn Dent6744321556:00.518:04/M
Female 40 to 44DNFHeather Currie68441268
Male 40 to 441Chadwick Phillips70940619:45.86:22/M
Male 40 to 442Daniel Pierce702431322:20.37:12/M
Male 40 to 443John Jensen573434926:52.38:40/M
Male 40 to 444Eric Ringle708415127:24.88:50/M
Male 40 to 445Michael Stokes444406428:10.09:05/M
Male 40 to 446Steve Dexter530426828:35.29:13/M
Male 40 to 447Thomas Clark678428230:33.49:51/M
Male 40 to 448John Songer6264417147:52.015:26/M
Female 45 to 491Kris Ziemer413494726:36.28:35/M
Female 45 to 492Patricia Burnett506495227:31.58:53/M
Female 45 to 503Tracy Allen410498530:59.710:00/M
Female 45 to 514Monique Milstein6964714242:17.313:38/M
Female 45 to 525Sherri Goodreau4864720253:20.817:12/M
Female 45 to 536Barb Harlow7224821756:19.218:10/M
Female 45 to 547Joanne Sime4364722056:21.718:11/M
Female 45 to 558Kimberly Simmer6394925304:51.720:55/M
Male 45 to 491Christopher Merrill489453825:34.58:15/M
Male 45 to 492Robert Glew561476528:10.39:05/M
Male 45 to 503James Halbach606496628:17.79:07/M
Male 45 to 514David Kloc5704710134:05.611:00/M
Female 50 to 541Susan Blemaster568512023:10.67:28/M
Female 50 to 542Karin Dewley404544626:30.58:33/M
Female 50 to 543Vicki Brown473515427:47.58:58/M
Female 50 to 544Julie Creemers718509032:48.510:35/M
Female 50 to 545Tammie Rousseau577529933:48.710:54/M
Female 50 to 546Jill Rey5665018150:24.116:15/M
Female 50 to 547Sharon Karr7065419151:50.916:43/M
Female 50 to 548Cindy Placer-Powell6935219852:59.517:05/M
Female 50 to 549Sue Johnson5785320353:34.017:17/M
Female 50 to 5410Pam Henrys4675423258:29.718:52/M
Female 50 to 5411Nancy Sanchez5455023458:48.418:58/M
Male 50 to 541Geoff Rook68351720:47.06:42/M
Male 50 to 542Ed Delaney438501722:46.27:21/M
Male 50 to 543Steve Baker694522223:44.07:39/M
Male 50 to 544Dennis Simon508523925:40.58:17/M
Male 50 to 545Joe Rathbun411544126:07.88:25/M
Male 50 to 546Michael Rathbun415527128:57.79:20/M
Male 50 to 547Blake Stoimenoff664507228:58.59:21/M
Male 50 to 548Ralph Reznick600547329:03.79:22/M
Male 50 to 549Randy Rey5675218250:25.716:16/M
Male 50 to 5410Karl Sime6725122156:30.418:14/M
Female 55 to 591Debra Doyle5405515744:17.114:17/M
Female 55 to 592Kathy Berry5295616647:18.915:15/M
Female 55 to 593Nancy Benton5835917247:52.415:26/M
Female 55 to 594Marilyn Metzmaker7015620453:39.117:18/M
Female 55 to 595Reta Matteson6165520553:44.017:20/M
Female 55 to 596Mickey Foy5595521856:21.118:11/M
Female 55 to 597Linda Goulding4065725705:32.321:08/M
Female 55 to 598Judy Johnson4125526305:48.921:14/M
Male 55 to 591John McCabe681561121:53.67:04/M
Male 55 to 592David Stierley416592323:46.07:40/M
Male 55 to 593Mark Booth607566728:21.29:09/M
Male 55 to 594Alan Laing6055510033:57.210:57/M
Male 55 to 595John Johnson6555926105:35.321:09/M
Female 60 to 641Connie Barnhart5436112538:48.912:31/M
Female 60 to 642Cheryl Hertrick6596316045:27.714:40/M
Female 60 to 643Joann Looney4086325204:51.020:55/M
Male 60 to 641Thomas Stumpfig563602623:55.87:43/M
Male 60 to 642Robert Skabic462644426:19.88:29/M
Male 60 to 643Kris Kloack6456211235:59.711:36/M
Male 60 to 644William O'Brien6586324300:28.419:30/M
Female 65 and up1Joan Skillman4687523358:33.718:53/M
Male 65 and up1Larry Parker5586913941:34.813:25/M
Male 65 and up2James Goulding4076826406:10.621:21/M
Male no age group1Jacob Ronowski449997930:15.49:45/M